Obnoxious airplane passengers are considered most frustrating

As we head into summer, an online voucher code website has looked into the most annoying passenger behaviours when flying. Their research showed that 23% of people find drunk and obnoxious passengers most infuriating, closely followed 21% who are frustrated by unruly children.

When you’re stuck in a small contained space surrounded by strangers for hours at a time, it’s understandable that those around you could get on your nerves. An online voucher code website decided to find out what passenger behaviours get on your nerves when flying.

Before people start embarking on their summer holidays, MyVoucherCodes.co.uk looked into the most annoying behaviours on aircraft. They surveyed 1000 British people aged over 18, who had taken a flight in the last 5 years asking: “When flying, which of the following passenger behaviours get on your nerves the most?”

Respondents could choose from a list of 8 frustrating behaviours or all of the above experienced when flying:

  • Drunk and obnoxious – 23%
  • Unruly children – 21%
  • Body odour issues – 14%
  • Seat recliners – 13%
  • Seat and armrest hogs – 9%
  • Always up and down from their seat – 7%
  • Chatter boxes – 6%
  • Removing shoes and socks – 4%
  • All – 3%

The results show that many passengers find drunk and obnoxious behaviour unacceptable, along with having to put up with other people’s unruly children. Within the confines of aircraft, it’s also understandable that personal hygiene can be an issue for some travellers.

Respondents were also able to comment on other behaviours which have got on their nerves when flying, with over solicitous cabin staff and general selfish behaviour such as pushing to the front when the plane had landed and terrorism threats being popular responses.

Commenting on the findings, Mark Pearson founder of My Voucher Codes said:

“It’s interesting to find that although people tend to kick up a fuss about reclining seats and unruly children, drunk and obnoxious passengers are most likely to get on peoples nerves when flying. One of the problems with drunk passengers is it can cause flight to be delayed or redirected for the offenders to be taken off, so a flight can carry on its journey with some peace.”

He added:

“We understand that the confined spaces can push some people to breaking point when flying, however it’s in every passenger’s best interests to behave in a respectable manner, otherwise it can make a flight feel so much longer than it is. This summer, people should remember this before they fly.”

See a guide for airline travellers guide to aircraft etiquette below:



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