Nothing Like a Road Trip to Soothe the Soul

A road trip is a spontaneous unplanned adventure. It can be 20 miles or 200 miles, there are just no rules. It is a care free adventure that is relaxing and freeing all at the same time. So, if there is some place that you have always wanted to see or something you have been dying to do then there are a few simple guidelines to have an exhilarating and worry free road trip.

First you want to make sure you have time. You want to plan with an extra day between your road trip for any unexpected occurrences. This way you do not have to stress out about getting back on time to need deadlines or responsibilities. Anything can happen, cars malfunction, flat tires and other situations could cause delays. It is always good to plan for these rare occurrences.

Next be positive you have more than just gas money. You may need lodging, you will need food and drinks. Just as time can be affected by unexpected repairs, so can your finances. Be sure you have funds to cover anything that may need addressed along the way. Putting some aside for fun and adventures too.

Have a spare tire, a jack and jumper cables. Not only may you need them, but you never know when you may be able to help a stranded motorist. Being prepared is the only way to travel. You should also have a fire extinguisher, gas can, a comfortable pair of walking shoes, a light blanket, matches, a flash light , a couple bottles of water per person and some nonperishable food items stashed away. There should always be a first aide kit somewhere in your vehicle.  If going green is your thing, may wish to use an electric car.

Now, plan your adventure. Where are you going? What are you wanting to see? What activities might you do along the way? Cover all the bases and pack accordingly. Do not forget if you are going to be on the road for a while you may want to have your fluids checked in the car too. Have all your necessary medications, and you cannot forget travel size hygiene products.

Things you may consider bringing along is an extra battery for your cell phone, a car charger, a camera or video recorder and all the necessary identifications for you and your car. You want to have licenses, social security card, title, registration and proof of insurance. If you have hands free software for your phone, it is highly recommended that you bring this along as well.

Who are you taking with you? If you are not just breaking away by yourself, be sure you and your travel companions have a check list of things needed and go over it before you leave. Replacing things over the road can get quite pricey. It is recommended to travel with at least one other person if this is acceptable.

If you do come across a stranded motorist, use your best judgment on whether or not you should stop. Absolutely do not ever pick up hitchhikers. Things can go bad fast in the wrong situation. Try to have some type of GPS system in your car or a good, up to date map. The GPS system is preferred. You do not want to end up in an unsafe place having to stop and look at a map.

Road trips are a lot of fun. You ca take them for many reasons or for no reason at all. They should be memorable adventures that you can talk about for years to come. Be prepared, stay safe and above all have fun!



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