Mixing Pleasure With Business In London


This year, your business travels have taken you to none other than the most important financial hub on Earth, as your corporation has major interests in London. With a mix of glitzy skyscrapers in its ever evolving modern business district, along with places like Trafalgar Square that just ooze history, architecture and character out of its pores, it is a place that almost everyone dreams of visiting someday, be it for work, or on a holiday.

The event management at the stellar conference that you finished attending was nothing short of top notch, but given that your schedule is clear with one day before you have to head home, you have the unique opportunity to experience the best of what London has to offer. Being one of the world’s preeminent cities, there are no shortage of exciting activities to undertake in this much celebrated urban environment.

Whether you indulge in its major cultural sights, rapidly rising dining scene, or its scintillating nightlife, there are plenty of diversions ready to occupy your free time in this multifaceted city. Let’s take a look at a few of them…

Explore The British Museum

Over the centuries, the Britons have colonized, invaded and/or aligned itself with a shockingly high percentage of the nations across the planet. The end result of this is that it has acquired a strong interest in acquiring and preserving artifacts from civilizations around the world, making this massive tribute to humanity a must visit for those who are even remotely interested in history.

The best part? Admission to the museum is free for all, though some privileges are afforded to those that purchase a membership; you’ll likely just be browsing the numerous exhibits on your visit here though, so feel free to just stroll in and explore without having to part with a single pence.

Tempt Your Tastebuds at Jamie’s Italian

Combing through all those ancient relics at the British Museum will arouse your appetite, but don’t content yourself to simply wolf down a greasy order of fish and chips out on the streets … take the opportunity to sample the cooking of one of the world’s most famed chefs at Jamie’s Italian.

Owned and designed by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, this eatery serves up Italian fare in with flair and at surprisingly low prices when you consider that this is (a) a celeb chef’s restaurant and (b) in the heart of Covent Garden in Central London. Just the same, this hotspot is extremely popular, so advance reservations are recommended.

Knock Back Some Pints At The Mayflower

After a relaxing and flavorful multi-course meal, nothing would cap off your day like a pint or three at a classic British Pub. While there are a multitude of excellent candidates around town for this task, we heartily recommend the Mayflower, due to its old world atmosphere and its cracking location.

Having been in use as a pub since 1620 near the banks of the Thames River, its authentic marine décor items and its aged wood beams give this place a legitimacy that newer imitations can never hope to replicate. During the nicer times of year, an outdoor deck grants breathtaking views of the Thames and the London Bridge, a perfect setting to enjoy a Scurvy, a local bitter ale that is one of the Mayflower’s best sellers.

Work And Fun Mix Well Together In London

While international business often requires a rigorous travel schedule at times, it’s important to make the best of your time off in order to make the best of these journeys. When in London, don’t waste a golden opportunity to experience one of the most endlessly interesting metropolises on Earth, seize it and have the best time of your life in the process!

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