Milan Attractions That Live up to the Hype

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Is a trip to Italy in the cards for you this year? If so, make sure you don’t neglect the north, as places like the Alps, Cinque Terre, and Venice all demand attention as surely as hot spots like Tuscany, Rome and Sicily do.

When you do head up north though, make sure that the modern metropolis of Milan makes your itinerary, as this city contains tons of cultural gems that can be easily missed by those that rish through this region too quickly.

Want to explore Milan with the mind set of seeing its best attractions? Below, we’ll discuss several Milan attractions that will make this city one of the best destinations you’ll visit in Italy…

1) Milan Cathedral

Also known as the Duomo, the Milan Cathedral is the fifth largest church in the world. The massive 354 foot high structure took almost six centuries to complete, with ground being broken in 1386, and the final touches being completed in 1965.

An Italian Gothic gem, access to the roof permits you to see statues and design features that would otherwise be missed by those viewing the church from the ground floor, and with a height that places it among the highest buildings in the city, excellent panoramic views of Milan can be had from there.

2) Santa Maria delle Grazie

Sticking with religious attractions, touring Santa Maria delle Grazie should be next on your list, as it is home to one of the world’s most celebrated Christian art pieces.

While this Dominican convent seems like a humble chapel (though the frescoes painted on the interior walls are noteworthy enough) compared to some of the larger cathedrals and churches in Milan, a mural in its rectory has made it into one of this city’s hottest sought after attractions.

In the Renaissance Period, Leonardo Da Vinci painted his rendition of Jesus the Nazarene’s final meal on that room’s back wall, which has become known as The Last Supper.

Be sure to get your tickets well in advance (2 months to be exact), or else you might walk away from Santa Maria disappointed.

3) Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Do you love to shop? So do many Milanese, as many generations spanning back over the centuries has enjoyed purchasing the finer things in life within many of this city’s notable retail districts.

Of these, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II holds a special place in the heart of many local spendthrifts, as this palatial structure is one of the world’s oldest shopping centres.

Opened in 1877, the fine stone work and the glass-roofed arcades will almost distract you from the task at hand … buying up some of the globe’s boldest fashions. While Milan is a much smaller centre than Rome, you’ll the find selection here to be as good or better as in the capital.

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