A walk through the markets of Morocco

photo by CC user La Chimère on wikimedia

A walk through the markets of Morocco is all it can take for some people to become addicted to travel. Indeed, it is a central component of what many of us imagine when we think about discovering a foreign country, and there is no place where this is more true than in North Africa’s most popular nation among tourists.

Below, we list a few markets that you simply can’t miss when visiting this essential country…

The Marrakech souk: quite possibly the most exotic market in the world

When travel addicts dream of foreign markets at night, they often end up in a place that closely resembles the Marrakech souk as they sleep the small hours away. You’ll certainly feel like you are in dream when you stroll through the expansive stalls that set up in the medina every evening, with the loud sounds of bargain and cajoling of passerbys filling the ether around you.

Just about everything you could want can be found here, but of particular interest is Argan oil, which is a cooking aid with a nutty flavor that is only produced in Morocco. That isn’t the only oil on offer though, as many unscrupulous merchants sell that of the serpent variety to unaware consumers.

Be on your guard for fake and counterfeit products, as it is all too common here amidst all the local, high quality product available for purchase.

Looking for quality leather, copper and brass goods? Check out the souks of Fez…

The cultural centre of Fez is also a great place to go market crawling, as there are several products that should be sought out here if you are looking for the best and most unique handicrafts that this nation has to offer.

Those seeking out goods made of leather, brass and copper will be very happy with what they find here, and those seeking out musical instruments like drums and the unique type of pottery known as tagines will find products of exceptional craftsmanship as a price that can’t be best elsewhere in the world.

Fancy yourself a foodie? You’ll swoon over the foodstuffs in Rabat

Want some food to drool over as you crawl the markets of Morocco? While most souks have great meals available on site, the ones available in Rabat are especially hunger-inducing, with sweets, snacks, and dishes like lamb tajines and couscous wafting their smells throughout the grounds of the souk. If you want to take a piece of Morocco home with you, there are plenty of oils, spices, and other packaged foods that you can use to cook up a storm for family and friends.

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