How to pass the time at an airport during a long layover

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So you just booked a cheap airfare, only to figure what the catch was: a 12 hour layover in Newark? Aie yah! With a huge block of time to burn up, you might be wondering how to pass the time at an airport during times like this … this post will help you to get through this stretch of time without losing your mind…

Find a gym and work up a sweat

Walking around the terminal post security only stays fresh for so long. See if the airport you are in offers a gym; if they do, check in, shed your traveling clothes, put on your workout garb and hit the treadmill and the weights.

Doing so will keep your energy levels up, make good use of an extended period of time that you would otherwise mindlessly spend browsing the internet, and help continue a habit that you don’t want to break by missing too many days in a row.

Go on a layover tour of the city you are in

If you are relatively close to the centre of the city where you are laid over, it may well worth your time to look into taking a tour of its essential sights instead hanging around the sterile surrounds of an airport terminal.

Check your bags in storage, hire a tour company if available (if not, you can often make use of the area’s mass transit system to get downtown and back to the airport in a timely fashion), and get out there and quickly get a taste of what your stopover has to offer.

Get some badly needed rest

On your third connection and got six or more hours to kill before taking your final leg to your destination? Use it to catch some zzz’s.

Whether you have the scratch to rent a short stay room at the airport Hilton, or you are content to find a series of armrest-less chairs to sprawl your lanky frame across, using your long layover to get some sleep will refresh you enough to keep you from looking like hell when you arrive home to your friends and family.

Take a seat at the airport bar and make some new friends

Not even through hour one, and the extrovert within you is going insane? Stop torturing yourself and head over to the airport bar. Yes, the beer and booze here is expensive, but how often do you find yourself in situations like this?

Other folks that are starved for a human connection will be in there, and with a good game on the TV’s around the bar, they’ll be plenty to make small talk about when attempting to make friends with a perfect stranger like yourself.

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