Have you been to The English Riviera?

Travelling is fun. For me the main question usually is – where should I go? Should I go to places I’ve already seen and know are good, or should I opt for something totally new (and sometimes, terrifying, as new often is)? Lately I’ve mainly gone to the old places I already know, because the old places usually also mean that in addition to knowing it’s good, you know your way around, you know a few people to hang out with. Which is great, but at the same time, could be a bit boring as well.

The final decision is up to each and every individual where we want to go. We’re all different, and we also look for different things from our travels.

I recently heard of something sort of new to me. I have been to French Riviera, but to be honest, I hadn’t even heard of The English Riviera (side note – it could be just because the stupid me). To introduce it a bit, and to put the two (French, and English) into a simple table for you to be able to compare them just a bit, Blue Chip Holidays has put together a nice infographic which you can see below.



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