A Culture Hunter’s Guide To Mexico City


If exotic cultures around the world hold a strong appeal to you as a traveler, then you might think that North America has nothing to offer in this regard. However, a quick glance south to Mexico, the third amigo of the three major nations that constitute this young continent will render this initial evaluation completely wrong.

Often associated with spring break beaches that can be found in this warm nation, Mexico has been home to a number of organized civilizations that sprung up well before Christopher Columbus and the Spanish arrived on the scene more than 500 years ago.

With a love of life and a vibrant way of carrying oneself, the people of this nation will inspire you to do and be more in your own existence. While many sights that tell this nation’s story can be found throughout the country, the massive capital of Mexico City is home to the greatest concentration of culture.

Therefore, any serious culture hunter needs to dedicate some serious time to exploring one of the biggest cities on Earth, as it contains numerous gems that will set the tone for a highly enriching trip. This guide to Mexico City will steer you towards the best places it has to offer, as outlined below…

Strolling around the Zócalo

After taking the bustling Mexico City subway to Zocalo station, emerge and you will be aghast at the scale of the buildings that lay before you: La Catedral, Palacio Nacional stand tall with their Baroque and Aztec stylings.

Behold the sight of an altar made completely of solid gold, and walk the same halls that Moctezuma II did during the time when he met with European emissaries for the first time, all while being surrounded architectural perfection.

Explore all the various cultures of Mexico at the National Museum of Anthropology

Containing remnants of the Aztec, Mayan and other indigenous cultures, along with the European immigrants that streamed into the nation after falling to Spain in the 16th century, there are countless cultural sub sections that can be found from the deserts of the north, to the tropical jungles of the south.

The National Museum of Anthropology (considered by many to be the best institution of its kind in the world) covers the origins of these ethnic groups in exhaustive detail, as it contains no shortage of artifacts from every corner of the country.

Relax and enjoy the artistic neighborhood of Coyoacán

While Mexico City is heaven for many urban enthusiasts, you might get ground down by the hustle and bustle present in this megalopolis of 20+ million people after a while. A great place for culturally-attuned folks to go to recharge within city limits is the southern colonia of Coyoacán.

Being the former home in exile to Soviet revolutionary Leon Trotsky, this area has a revolutionary air about it, with museums (most notably the house where Trotsky spent the remainder of his days), cafes and art galleries continuing the tradition of counterculture that this neighborhood has fostered for a long time.

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