Go for a Camping Trip with 2 Horse Gooseneck Trailer


Camping is the most fun part of any trip. You don’t rent any hotel or motel to stay at and enjoy your stay at the tent. But if you belong to a group that goes on for the weeklong horse shows, then taking along horse gooseneck trailer is ideal. These trailers either offered on sale or renting purpose. These trailers come with all the benefits of SafeTack slant load design along with other convenient rooms. The slant load layout inside the trailer allows the traveller to fit more features on shorter wheel base for easy towing.

With 2 horse gooseneck trailer, the traveller can enjoy the best time with number of features like:

  • Insulated dressing room with no cost
  • Standard stall supports horses having 15.3 hands and accommodate 17 hands
  • No lip dressing room door for easy floor cleaning

Living Quarters for Weekend Shows:

These horse trailers for sale also come with living quarters perfect for weekend shows or trip. IT is airy and light having large windows on carpe flooring. Among all the features, flooring design is the favourite among all the users. This helps in achieving to easily sweep the floor. Moreover, it also has convenient walk through door for the passers to pass from living quarters into the rear and giving enough privacy for horses and additional living. To add more is the aluminium running board on the exterior of the trailer for comfort and convenience.

Safety Features:

Like all other horse trailers, this 2 horse gooseneck trailer too has safety features. The SafeTack system in the rear area of the unit allows the horse to wide open entry point. Moreover, the system also has adjustable saddle racks, bridle hooks, ventilation and storage area where you can store your bicycle and bicycle accessories especially Saddle, tires, pumps and etc… The pop up roof vents and SafeBump roof helps the trailer to stay comfortable even on hot sunny days. The flooring with pressure treated pine and Rumber flooring allows minimal transfer of noise and heat.  The trailer also has tubular head dividers combat for horses and offers flexible yet strong surface to stay on.

With having so many features and safety precautions, this trailer will surely give you the best camping experience on your next weekend show. The trailer is available in lowest price online and in the best condition to drive around.

Buying Horse Gooseneck Trailer Online:

You can now buy this trailer online under best available condition. The seller has maintained the trailer in the best available price with all the amenities inside. In addition to this, the trailer is also delivered to nationwide and warranty too.


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