Geographical Idiosyncrasies Can Totally Make Your Trip


Many don’t realize this, but The King was stationed at the military base in Fort Hood, Texas. That’s right, Elvis Presley spent some serious time in this Texas town. He was stationed at the military base called Fort Hood. He only spent a short time in Killeen, but avid fans of this scion of Rock ‘n Roll are apt to pilgrimage wherever The King’s been; and if you’re of this set, you can’t miss Killeen!

Areas like Killeen have their own vibrant life and history. There isn’t a city, town, or rural area in the United States that doesn’t have some deep history behind it. There is no area without pleasant idiosyncrasies that cannot be found anywhere else.

Granted, some places have more pleasant idiosyncrasies than others. For example, Death Valley of eastern California and southwestern Arizona is the lowest point in the United States; and also the hottest. But it’s not really a location you’d want to go to during Summer.

Still, for an educational school trip—either in a primary school capacity, or for some higher educational purpose—Death Valley offers a prime look into desert ecosystems, and can yield exceptional knowledge.

So whether you’re in Killeen, Texas or tramping through a forest in the Rockies, there is something unique to be found. There is something new to be learned. There are experiences which can be had that will stick out in your life’s narrative perpetually. But finding them requires having an attitude welcome to new experiences.

A Quickly Growing Region

Any town attached to a military base has a cornerstone economic facilitator undergirding its structure. Such structures can bring substantial economy to a small town, and even shape its development. Killeen is no different, and has seen a population boom over the last sixty years that has increased its numbers substantially.

As of 2014, Killeen’s population has reached 138,000+. Because of the military base, and the ubiquitous conflicts permeating the middle east, there has been a steady increase in this town since the time of the king. But it’s a very different atmosphere from Elvis’ military stint in the world of yesteryear. Back then, there were just shy of 30,000 people in the town.

As a meter of amenities and available society, population is an excellent meter. With this in mind, it seems obvious that Killeen will continue to grow. The military component saturates practically everything in the town, and regardless of America’s choice of president in the coming month, that trend is likely to continue. There is stability in Killeen.

For those interested in exploring a town with real heritage, and a very interesting population spurt, Killeen is worth checking out. It’s prime attraction is certainly Fort Hood. But understanding this, certain hotel amenities have been zoned in proximity.

As the Holiday Inn Express in Killeen TX has pointed out, “[the] Fort Hood Area Hotel is just one mile from Fort Hood Military Base, and is a smart choice for visiting family.” Whether you’ve got relatives stationed on the base, or may end up stationed there yourself, it’s easy to find lodgings to help you escape the heat and get a feel for the town.

Finding The Diamonds In The Rough

A little town may not seem to have anything recommending it; but the reality is there can be great treasures in any municipality, you just need to come with eyes to see them. Whether exploring the legacy of Elvis, the dynamics of population growth, or the historicity of Fort Hood, Killeen has more to commend it than meets the eye.

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