Fun family things to do in Cornwall

Flambard's is one of many Fun family things to do in Cornwall

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Occupying the southernmost reaches of Britain, the autonomous county of Cornwall has long been a favored domestic tourist destination.

From historic sights to amusement parks, there is plenty to hold your attention on holiday here. So, if you want to go on a family holiday in Cornwall in the near future, these activities and attractions will help keep you and your kids entertained.

1) Flambard’s Experience

Although there are many bona fide attractions and sights to experience and see in Cornwall, it is an undisputed fact that many kids will become restless at some point during your holiday.

When they begin to tire from traditional activities, take them out for a day of fun at an amusement park. Flambard’s Experience among the best in the region, as it contains everything from a model Victorian village to the thrilling Skyraker Tower.

Suitable for teenagers to adults, this ride will lift you many metres in the air before suddenly plunging you towards the earth in a terrifying and controlled fashion.

2) Tintagel Castle

Said to have been home to King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table according to local legends, Tintagel Castle is a fascinating attraction for people of all ages.

Set amidst dramatic sea cliffs along Cornwall’s north coast, you can imagine the importance that this and other structures held in the Britain that existed many centuries ago.

Be sure to also visit Merlin’s cave, which is a cavern where legend holds that Merlin saved his future king when Arthur was washed into it by the tide one day.

3) Old MacDonald’s Farm

Cornwall is prime farm country, with plenty of land being home to a variety of livestock and other animals.

While it would be foolhardy to wander onto private property to get your kids a chance to see them, Old MacDonald’s Farm is a spot where you can do that legally, albeit for a price.

In addition to being home to a petting zoo and pony rides, your kids can also jump on trampolines, ride tractors and play mini golf, making a fun place to spend a day.

4) Gwithian Beach

Finally, no visit to Cornwall would be complete without a trip to the beach. This place is home to some of this nation’s most beautiful seaside escapes, as eroded granite forms the basis for its stunning white sand.

If you are looking for a beach with great sandcastle potential, you won’t find a better spot in the county than Gwithian Beach.

The wet sand here forms readily when molded into buckets, and with stunning scenery and mesmerizing waves on some days, there will be plenty to occupy the attention of adults and teenagers in your group.

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