Four Alternative US Road Trip Destinations


As we head into September, many of us are still trying to creep a last minute summer vacation in. A road trip across the land of the free is a great way to do this, but why not make it different and stop off at a few alternative resting points? Here’s a quick guide to some of the lesser known gems across the US.

Hoover Dam, Nevada

Right in the middle of the Arizona and Nevada border lies Hoover Dam, an impressive man-made structure which pumps 40,000 cubic feet of water across the desert. It’s an essential stop off point to Las Vegas, but it also makes a great alternative visit if you find the isolation of the City of Sin a little overwhelming. Visitors can walk around the site for free and learn about the history of the dam, which was first constructed during the Great Depression. There’s a thrilling feeling as you hang over the edge and wander aimlessly between states on the bridge. If you’re still missing that casino buzz, you can play a little at Casino Saga Fans on your mobile while getting the blood pumping peering into the deep drop.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is often considered the choice destination when it comes to taking in the beautiful sights that the American open road has on offer. However, Antelope Canyon offers just the same degree of natural beauty without the expense and hordes of tourists. Visitors can explore the natural sandstone landscape while learning more about Native American Navajo Culture. Just be careful not to visit during monsoon season, which occurs between June 15th and September 30th.

Aspen, Colorado

When most people think of Colorado, their minds immediately dart to Denver, but the state has a whole host of exciting destinations within the Rockies. Aspen is one of these, which is not only a delight to visit in winter if you’re into skiing, but also has a lot on offer in summer such as mountain biking. One of Aspen’s most fun attractions is its ski lift, which operates throughout the year and offers unrivalled views of the mountains. Be warned however – this is not for those with a fear of heights!

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Television shows like Breaking Bad have glamorised Albuquerque, but Santa Fe is just as attractive a stop off point for road trippers. This quaint little city is the state capital, and visitors will feel as if they’ve stepped into a time warp thanks to its iconic architecture. Natural beauty is in abundance too – if you’re passing through, make sure you make a stop off at the Pecos National Historical Park.

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