Finding Adventure on the Red Sea Riviera


In the perception of the general public and even among some in travel circles, Egypt is usually thought of as the place where those pyramids are. To have that impression of this diverse country would be doing it a disservice though, as there are many other experiences that can be had here, from the urban chaos of Cairo, to luxurious river cruises up and down the Nile.

What is especially surprising is that more people don’t know that Egypt contains some of the most drool worthy beach resorts that you’ll ever lay eyes on. The Mediterranean has many relaxing getaways, but the Red Sea has the very best destinations that Egypt has in this category, as those who have gone on holidays to Hurghada can attest.

The water clarity in the Red Sea Riviera ranks as some of the clearest water in the world, the summer season is very long here, and the arid desert air takes the edge off what would be very humid conditions in other destinations. But before you go ahead and book a holiday with a provider such as Thomas Cook, you’re probably wondering about what to do on days where lounging by the pool/sea starts to get tiresome.

Fortunately, this region has plenty of activities to keep the active traveler happy and moving … in the points to follow, we will elaborate on exactly how you will have the holiday of a lifetime in Hurghada…!

1) Diving/Snorkeling

With little in the way of runoff and precipitation, the Red Sea is remarkably clear, making for some spectacular diving and snorkeling in the Hurghada area. Closing out the deal is the Red Sea’s status as the world’s northernmost tropical sea, as the intense desert heat in the summer heats the ocean close to 30 degrees Celsius, which is maintained well above 20 degrees Celsius even in the cooler “winter” months. This results in prolific coral and fish life everywhere in the region, so no matter where your dive master takes you, chances are you will be in for a treat!

2) Parasailing

Have you ever dreamt of flying before? Tucked away snugly in our beds, this has happened in the recesses of our minds at least a few times in our lives, but in reality, our complete lack of functioning wings has left these dreams sadly unfulfilled.

Modern technology has solved this though, as many of the resorts in the Hurghada area employ speedboats that offer para-sailing, a sport that combines the power of a sleek watercraft with the lifting ability of a parachute attached to your back. Soaring high up into the Egyptian sky, you will be granted views of Saharan sand dunes, nearby mountain ranges and of course, the azure waters of the Red Sea hundreds of feet beneath you.

3) Quad biking in the desert

If you’d rather get away from the ocean entirely for one day, then your best option by far is to hook up with an adventure company that offer quad biking tours in the adjacent Sahara desert. In addition to ripping up the side of massive sand dunes, visits to local Bedouin tribe villages are often on the menu, where you will get to enjoy some tea and even get a chance to ride one of their camels.

Hurghada: not your typical beach getaway

While your colleagues default to the usual beach resorts this summer in places like Spain, Greece or Turkey, take the opportunity to garner some envy/brag points by making Hurghada and the Red Sea Riviera your destination this year. You’ll have access to all the usual activities that you’d expect from a resort, with unique cultural exchange opportunities that are completely unique to this region of the world.

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