Experience London’s Nightlife

London is one of the largest and most famous cities in the world. It is a vibrant and truly multicultural place that never sleeps and it’s renowned as an international capital of music, culture and fashion. Is it any wonder then, that London has some of the best nightlife that you will find anywhere in the world?

Different parts of London tend to specialise in various types of music. Depending on what you enjoy listening to, it may be worth heading to the following areas:

Farringdon, Hoxton and Shoreditch – the bars and clubs in these areas generally play house, trance and drum and bass. The super club Fabric is situated in Farringdon and if you’re partial to a little dubstep, then we definitely recommend heading down there for the Dubpolice event. Should you be in the area on a bank holiday Sunday, then we suggest heading down to Brick Lane. The streets and bars are busy from early in the day and the area is so lively it has almost a carnival feel.

Leicester Square – if you’re looking for more commercial music; hip hop; r&b and funky house, then Leicester Square is a good place to head to. The night clubs here are generally easier to get into than some other places in London and there are often club promoters walking the streets offering deals for entry.

Mayfair – if you’re looking for exclusivity and a more upmarket vibe, you should head down to Mayfair. Many of the clubs here are very difficult to get into, expensive and often run a guest-list only policy. The music played at Mayfair clubs is generally the same as those in Leicester Square, so expect to hear commercial tracks.

Camden – If you’re into indie and rock music, Camden is the place to be with many bars and clubs having bands playing live music. Notable venues to visit are the Electric Ballroom and Koko. It should be noted that most clubs in Camden are generally very quiet or shut on weekdays.

London’s nightlife is truly world class. No matter what your taste in music, the UK’s capital city is sure to show you a great time and if you’re looking for a place to stay during your trip, then you can find cheap London hotel deals here.

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