Escape To A Tropical Paradise For Less This Winter With Travel Pony


With the first hints of winter nipping at our collective heels these days, we are all looking south with that longing look in our eyes. Jumping on a plane while the snow swirls around outdoors, only to land in a paradise complete with cerulean waters and swaying palms is a magical experience like no other in life.

There’s just one problem – money.

Isn’t it always about money? The resorts you want to stay at are priced at a rate that puts them out of reach to you, and with pay raises at a premium these days, you just can’t justify blowing out your budget on a place like that.

Fortunately, a new hotel booking service has come up with a business model that grants you unreal prices on unreal properties – TravelPony. With deals of up to 50% (maybe more) off the standard rack rate, you might be wondering about how this travel startup gets these sweetheart arrangements – but we’ll get to that.


First, here’s how to use TravelPony

Sign up

Login via Facebook or enter your name, e-mail address, make a password, and hit submit. In an instant, you are ready to begin searching for bookings – no confirmation e-mails to wait for and act on.

Search for a hotel in your destination

With tropical sunshine, soul-satisfying Mexican food and Caribbean sea breezes on the brain, you decide to search for available hotels in Playa Del Carmen. With the autocomplete function saving you the effort of typing up a storm, you move very quickly over to the hotel page, which lists an abundance of choices that can be sorted by their rating, their price … and by their TravelPony discount.

Save massive amounts of moola

When you go to book a resort, the normal list price appears on the invoice to start, but by using your TravelPony coupon code (and a promise to share your outstanding deal with all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn) you can very quickly turn a $2,000 resort stay into a $1,000 resort stay … unbelievable!

Make your travel fantasies come true with TravelPony

Stop looking wistfully at that flawlessly perfect five star piece of heaven. With TravelPony, you can finally escape to a tropical paradise, take out that pen and tick off the box that has remained unchecked on your travel bucket list for way too long. Exquisite spas, dream infinity pools, tantalizing fine dining and so much more are now finally within your reach – just don’t forget to tell all your friends about it!

Remember that TravePony is able to offer these deals because it’s not spending huge amounts of money on advertising; instead it relies on its users to spread the word after they get a great deal. Logging in via Facebook makes the social sharing aspect easiest so once you get a great deal, you can share the good news with all your friends while probably making just a few of them slightly envious in the process.


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