Enjoying the urban attractions in Palma de Mallorca

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Want to check out Mallorca this summer, but afraid of being bored during your time there? If this is your situation, then you should take time out to explore Palma de Mallorca.

Being a city of 400,000, there is plenty of cultural attractions and big city amenities to keep you busy on days where the beach just won’t do it for you.

Below, we outline just a few of the urban attractions in Palma de Mallorca that you will be suitably be impresses with…

1) Castell de Bellver

Begin to discover Palma de Mallorca by dropping by Castell de Bellver. Serving as the royal residence of King James II back when Majorca was its own self-sufficient fiefdom, as well as a military prison from the 1700’s straight through to the 1950’s, this imposing circular castle is now home to the history museum that chronicles the life and times of the island of Mallorca.

While its contents are certainly interesting, the structure itself is well worth seeing on its own, as many castles that were built when Castell de Bellver was have long since succumbed to the ravages of war and time, while it has maintained its Spanish style grandeur.

2) Pueblo Español

Those that are fascinated by Spanish architecture owe it to themselves to check out Pueblo Español, as it contains reconstructions of major structures that are essential to the history of design in this part of the world.

Modeled like a village, it it easy to stroll through and appreciate the structures that this nation has spawned over the ages, and you can do so without having to stray far from your beach resort!

3) Ciudad Jardín

While many that visit Palma during their holiday on Mallorca seek out its urban amenities, this city has plenty of amazing beaches within city limits that are well worth visiting. The best of the bunch is Ciudad Jardín, which offers sands that are just as tantalizing as most other beaches are elsewhere on the island, but with services that include incredible restaurants and cafes, it has all the perks that are often lacking at rural seaside spots.

4) Aqualand

If the idea of jumping in the ocean doesn’t appeal to you, but you still need to cool off in the worst way, then heading to Aqualand, Palma’s premiere water park, is the perfect way to go about this in a fun manner. While this place is perfect for families, even those that are young at heart can enjoy the many exciting slides and wave pools here, as they are far more engaging than your static pool back at the resort.

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