Endless Possibilities of a Baltic Cruise

Even though we have been able to travel easily to the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea in northern Europe for a few decades. Our Fascination with them shows no sign of abating. Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Russia and Sweden, to name just a few possibilities. Are they are now more accessible than ever, and we are flocking to them in our thousands. The decidedly chilly political climate that existed during the cold war had us instead heading to St Petersburg in Florida as opposed to Russia, but thankfully that is now a distant memory.

Look at the itinerary of any top cruise company and you will invariably find Baltic cruises in there. In fact, many operators have trips to Russia and Scandinavia as the highlights of their European itineraries. You don’t have to go trawling through the online brochures from the cruise companies either as a quick trip to a site such as icelolly.com will give you a vast array of choice all in one place.

Cruises for everyone

With so many mainstream cruise lines now offering Baltic cruises the competition has had a massive effect on the market. Everyone from honeymooners to families can enjoy a cruise around the Baltic at greatly reduced prices compared to a decade ago. As with all other aspects of cruising these types of holidays. These luxury cruises are no longer restricted the rich or retired couples wanting to see more of the world in their twilight years.

Excursions of Discovery

In turn, this has had a knock on effect in the demographics of the shore tours and the cities the ships are making stops at. Finding shore tours with mass appeal is certainly not difficult when you consider how many wonderful places are in this vicinity. Places such as St Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum with its art collection exceeding 3m pieces And the acres of flowers lit up in the event at Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens are on many people’s wish lists. and cruise lines are very aware that including stops such as these sell the cruises by themselves.

Must See

Other must sees for many travellers are the fabulous fjords of Norway, and the remnants of the Berlin Wall. Its iconic fall played a massive part in this part of Europe being freely available to us now. What many of the companies have done to ensure we sit up and take notice is to come up with inventive ways to tour the cities as opposed to just being driven around on a bus.

These are available of course but those with a bit more of a sense of adventure can explore by other means of transport such as bikes, kayaks, roller blades and hot air balloons. There’s not many holidays offer such options as walking on Swedish rooftops, trekking across Estonian bogs and crossing the Arctic Circle when in Finland. Below are 4 of the most popular shore stops on a Baltic cruise in a little more detail.


The port of Warnemunde is the gateway into Berlin. While in this city you can visit such world famous sites as the Brandenburg Gate. The remaining stretch of the wall knows as the East Side Gallery, Checkpoint Charlie and the Reichstag Building. There are also tours available to such nearby destinations as Guestrow, Lubeck, Rostock, Schwerin and Wismar.


The most famous attractions here are the statue of the Little Mermaid And the aforementioned 20 acres of flowers, restaurants and twinkling lights that is the Tivoli Gardens. There is much more to this picture postcard city however including tours of Rosenborg Castle and Christiansborg Palace. Feast your eyes upon works of art by Hals. Rubens and Rembrant at the Royal Museum. Or promenade around the canals tucking into a hot dog. Bikes are free for all here and this is a great way to see the city.


The capital of Estonia is most likely the place you know the least about when planning your Baltic cruise. This ancient city is an absolute delight with an Old Town packed with medieval architecture sitting on cobblestone streets. Toompea Castle dates back to the 13th century, Toomkirk Church is thought to be even older and the 14th century square with its flower market and 21st century shops is a real joy.

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