Discover the best attractions in Manitoba this summer

Manitoba doesn’t get the respect it deserves in the Canadian tourism scene. Marketers focus on the mountains in the west, the cities of Ontario and Quebec, and even on the pastoral beauty of the Atlantic Provinces.

When you look closer, however, this province has plenty of worthwhile things to see and do during the summer months. Before we talk about that, however, we have a public service announcement to make.
As of July 1st of this year, marijuana will be legal for recreational users across the entire country.

Since there are plenty of producers legally growing weed in Canada for the medicinal market already, you can be sure there will be a lot of bud smoke floating around in the days following the first of July.

Be aware that consumption will likely be banned in indoor public spaces and in many accommodations, and in outdoor spaces as well. Ask locals for details when you arrive in Manitoba if you intend to partake.

With that covered, here are some attractions you’ll want to see in Manitoba this summer.

Human Rights Museum

Built to remind visitors of the precarious nature of the human condition, the exhibits contained within the Human Rights Museum offer a sobering reminder of how easily our society can slide into persecuting groups of people based on religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and so forth.

Highlights include galleries depicting atrocities committed against First Nations people (residential schools in particular), the Rwandan Genocide, and of course, the Holocaust perpetrated by Nazi Germany against Jews in Europe.

The Forks

Winnipeg is a spread out city, yet scores of city residents can be found at The Forks on a beautiful weekend morning during the summer months. A daily market trading in everything from local food to artisanal crafts, it is the best place to go to get a true taste of Manitoba.

Outside this feature, there is also a children’s museum, theatre school, a National Historic Site, and a river walk with flood markers commemorating the monster floods that sprang from the Red River in past generations.

Grand Beach

As nice as The Forks can be, it won’t provide you relief from the sweltering heat that afflicts Manitoba during the summer. For that, you need to hop in your car and drive 100 kilometres north to Grand Beach.

A white sanded gem sitting on the southern shores of Lake Winnipeg, it is a swimming, watersports, and cottage destination that other places in Canada would kill to have. With shallows that extend well out from shore and absence of dangerous rip currents which exist at ocean beaches, Grand Beach is an excellent place to take the family on a visit to Manitoba.

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