Cool things to see in Johannesburg

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Heading to South Africa on a trip soon? There are many things about this nation that make it a worthwhile tourist destination, but chances are, you’ll start your journey in its largest city.

Don’t rush away on the way to Kruger National Park, as there are a number of cool things to see in Johannesburg that will make your time there well worthwhile.

1) Apartheid Museum

While there are many fun things to see and do in Johannesburg, start your time in South Africa’s biggest city by learning about the darkest days in this nation’s history at the Apartheid Museum.

Photos, artifacts, and video bring this chilling era to life, from its origins to the beginning of its unraveling.

Be sure to check the exhibits on Nelson Mandela, which profile the rise of a man that brought to an end the most shameful episode in this nation’s history.

2) Cradle of Humankind

After that bit of heaviness, head over to the Cradle of Humankind, which marks the spot where some of the oldest human fossils in the world have been found.

Dating back over 3.5 million years into the past, these hominid remains are the ancestors of those of us that presently walk the Earth; this fact has earned it recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so if you are interested in seeing the place where it all started for us, do not miss this immensely important historical site.

3) Johannesburg Botanical Garden

If the weather is cooperating during your visit to Johannesburg, take advantage of that fact by swinging by the Johannesburg Botanical Garden.

Sprawling over 81 hectares of land, this park is a favorite place for many city residents to relax amidst lush greenery.

While it is a popular destination with joggers and dog walkers, there are also a number of theme gardens within its boundaries that will appeal to those with green thumbs.

Sections specializing in roses, herbs, Shakespearean styles of gardens and hedges will make your time here more than just an opportunity to get away from the hectic nature of Jo’burg’s urban core.

4) SAB World of Beer

All that walking around will probably make you thirsty, which can be relieved by paying a visit to the SAB World of Beer.

This museum tells the story of this popular beverage in South Africa, with a 3D film, exhibits, a tasting of local sorghum beer, and two fresh pints being made available at the end for those of age to enjoy.

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