How You Can Easily and Effectively Clean and Maintain Your Leather Sandals On The Road

The beauty and elegance of leather have made it one of the most premium materials used for a lot of products and goods, from leather shoes and sandals to leather purses and handbags, and even leather furniture such as sofas and chairs. Leather stands out for a variety of reasons, one of which is its comfort – and you most probably know this if you have spent a day in leather footwear; the footwear can mould to your feet’s contours, making it incredibly comfortable even if you have walked or stood up all day.

Leather is also a versatile material, and you can even wear your leather sandals to dinner, a party, a day at the beach or park, and more. But if you are planning to invest in a nice pair of leather sandals, there are particular ways to clean and maintain them so you can make them last. Here, then, is how you can properly clean and maintain your leather sandals, an essential for all types of travel in warm climates.

Begin with the right maintenance

You should begin with the right maintenance. The better you maintain them, the easier it will be to prolong their lifespan and keep them clean. If you have bought your leather sandals online, the supplier may have some tips on keeping them well-maintained, but you can begin with wiping your leather sandals down once you take them off after wearing them. It’s simple: just wipe them down with a soft cloth and make sure to remove any dirt or debris stuck to the material, and then set them aside or put them in your shoe cabinet. Another way to properly maintain your leather sandals is to use conditioners and sprays expressly for leather; do this regularly so they can look as good as new. Another key is to keep your leather sandals dry, and if they get wet, let them dry naturally prior to using them again.

Do some spot cleaning

If your nice pair of leather sandals get a few spots or marks, do some spot cleaning. Spot cleaning helps prevent the other areas of the sandal from experiencing wear and tear if you don’t need to clean them. For spot cleaning, just get a small piece of soft cloth and dampen it. Then get a tiny amount of leather soap or conditioner and apply it to the marked area. Be gentle when cleaning the area, and make sure that the dirt doesn’t spread on the rest of the sandal.

Use only soft brushes

If your sandals need more than just spot cleaning, you may want to clean the pair, but make sure to use only a soft brush. Use the brush to clean the sandal’s outside area, the buckles (if any), and the sandals’ straps. Some leather sandals, such as Jesus sandalscan have multiple straps, so pay attention to each strap and remove any marks by spot cleaning first. If the inside of the sandal is dirty, then brush it as well. Once the upper portion is cleaned, pay attention to the bottom, carefully removing any dirt or debris that has become stuck to the sole.

There are a number of products you can use for your leather sandals, including saddle soap and liquid cleaners, but make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions carefully so you can clean your leather sandals as correctly as possible.


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