China – A Fascinating Destination

Ever since China has opened its doors to visitors, there have been multitudes of people travelling to that fascinating country. There was always a certain mystery attached to China, and during the decades when visitors were not welcome, people wondered about the centuries of history behind one of the world’s oldest civilisation.

Now, when travellers are welcome, visitors have realised that here is a country like none other – modern, yet centuries old; culturally rich and gastronomically great; with neon lighting to rival Times Square and walls that were built centuries ago. Get the best travel insurance you can find, keep a few useful facts in mind, and go ahead and enjoy yourself.


Most Chinese do not speak or understand English. The shopkeepers are able to make themselves understood with signs and gestures, but the average citizen finds it difficult to communicate in English. It is important to keep an English-speaking guide with you, who will be able to help in dealing with everyone. However, do take care; all guides have their favourite shops where they will divert you, whether you want to go there or not!


Genuine Chinese food is very unlike the Chinese food that is available in other countries. Each region has its own specialities and you should choose the dishes carefully. There are some restaurants that cater specially to foreigners and here, they serve you food that is very true to the country but which has been modified to suit different tastes. There are some excellent roadside stalls, which sell snacks and soups. There are also food chains such as McDonald’s and KFCs available in the major cities of the country.

Interior Regions of China

Travel itineraries for China are very carefully drawn out. The authorities prefer to guide the travellers to popular places such as the Great Wall, Shanghai, Beijing, and the terracotta soldiers. They do not like visitors wandering around the other regions, unless they are there on business. Hence, make sure that your guide has a clear schedule marked out for you, and you are able to go to all the places that you would like to visit.

Must Do and See

A boat trip down the river in Shanghai is an eye-opener for most visitors. It is known as Times Square on steroids, but really and truly the neon lighting here is amazing. At night, there are many boats that take you on a dinner cruise for an unforgettable evening. The Great Wall is on everyone’s schedule, but many people just walk around the lower regions. If you have the energy, climb as far as you can go; it is really worth the effort put in. China is a shopper’s delight; apart from the fake branded goods that are actually quite good, there are some excellent local crafts available here.



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