Chasing the best photo opportunities in Japan

photo by CC user Keith Pomakis on wikimedia commons

A nation known for its unique culture, bleeding edge modernity, and its outspreading natural attractions, Japan has plenty of places where one can get jaw dropping pictures.

If you are chasing the best photo opportunities in Japan, the following locations will provide you with plenty of fodder for your loved ones to fawn over once you get back home…

1) Itsukushima Shrine

Located near the city of Hatsukaichi in Hiroshima Prefecture is one of Japan’s best examples of simple beauty.

While the shrine itself is a serene place, the floating torii gate is what attracts most camera toting tourists to this corner of the country.

At low tide, the sea recedes enough so that visitors can walk out to and underneath the iconic red arch, giving intrepid photogs a chance to get some unorthodox shots.

2) Kinkaku-ji Temple

A Zen Buddhist temple situated within the major Japanese city of Kyoto, Kinkaku-ji has attracted worldwide fame for its exterior, which is clad in brilliantly shiny gold leaf.

Set before a picturesque pond and surrounded by a verdant forest, it has been the scene of many stunning photographs … for best results, show up in the early hours of the morning, or the later hours of the afternoon.

3) Mount Fuji

A photogenically cone-shaped volcano located within the heart of Honshu Province, Mount Fuji’s snow capped visage is considered by many to be an international icon of Japan’s natural beauty.

While it is stunning in any season, we recommend boarding that bullet train from Tokyo in the spring time, especially when cherry tree blossoms are breaking out across Central Japan.

The combination of a winter’s worth of unmelted snow on top of Mount Fuji, and a valley covered in trees bearing a full payload of hot pink flowers will give you shots that will blow the socks off anyone who seems them back home.

4) Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo

While the cultural heritage and natural sights of Japan might be interesting to many shutterbugs, others simply can’t get enough of the modernity and quirkiness of its major cities.

While you’ll often find many intriguing subjects around any given corner, one of the most powerful sights to take in is the spectacle of the mass movement of humanity that occurs at Shibuya Crossing whenever the walk man allows its pedestrians to scramble across one of Tokyo’s busiest intersections.

In order to get the best shots of this chaotic show, wait until after dark, when the neon lights of this highly modern square light up the people crossing the street beneath them.

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