Canada on sale: take your American dollars to these cool destinations in 2016

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In case you haven’t been paying attention to global currency markets lately, the Canadian dollar has been sinking to the bottom of the ocean along with the price of a barrel of crude oil.

$1 USD now equals $1.44 CAD on the open market and while the banks won’t give you that rate, it’s safe to assume you’ll get at least $1.40 CAD for your Washingtons. With Canada on sale, here’s where to go in 2016…

1) Vancouver, British Columbia

Lauded by many as one of the most modern and urbane cities to rise to global attention at the turn of the 21st century, Vancouver seemingly has it all. Top quality restaurants, shopping, and nightlife can all be had here, and with awesome peaks soaring just outside city limits and Whistler being a 90 minute drive away, it’s tough to think of a better place to visit in 2016.

You see, the problem before now was that this city had a reputation for being overly pricey, and while that is still the case when comparing this place to other centres throughout Canada and North America, the steep 40% discount of Canadian currency to the USD means that many things that were too rich for travelers blood will now become affordable.

A $150 CAD a night hotel room now only costs $90 USD. A lift ticket at Whistler, presently $108 CAD when buying three days in advance will now only set you back $65 USD; for a world class ski resort, that’s unthinkably cheap!

2) Banff National Park, Alberta

Combined with the recent government announcement to make national park entries free in 2017, making a trip north to go camping in Canada is now the perfect family getaway. Even if you go this year with fees in place, the $19.60 CAD rate for a family will only cost Americans $11.76 USD.

Multiply these savings across camping fees, meals out, and other vacation expenses, and there is no better time to put you and your clan amidst the soaring peaks of the Canadian Rockies.

If you decide to do this though, start planning now, as annual park passes are 2 for 1 this year in conjunction with the free fees next year, which means there will be plenty of Canadians taking advantage of this deal … book your campsite on the internet early!
3) Toronto, Ontario

Being the largest and most culturally significant city in the country, Toronto has and will continue to be an international draw for tourism, and the sinking loonie will only add to that in 2016. Nearly every ethnicity on Earth has a community in this place, making a simple stroll through its streets an attraction.

When you go to open your wallet though, your dollars will flee your billfold at a much slower rate than a few years ago, as a ride up the CN tower now costs $12 USD, a three course dinner costing $70 CAD will set you back only $42 USD (don’t forget to tip well though!), and that $120 CAD night out at the bars will only ding you $72 USD … sweet!

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