Best Rome Excursions


Rome is full of activities that liven up your day. There are many places to visit in the city which you can never incorporate into a single trip. However, if you have limited time and much to see, Rome excursions to the most exotic places can give you the best travel experience in a short amount of time.

Civitavecchia Port

A beautiful port at the coastal edge of Rome is where one can find both, peace and excitement. Cruise ships sail on different voyages from the port for full day excursions. Here, the Tyrrhenian Sea gives a reflection of many hues of the ocean waters.

Tourists disembark from the ship to either meet their private tour guides to head off into the city or stay at the port for a full day. Services for city excursions are provided at the port itself where one can hire a skilled driver to accompany them all around the town. The drivers can speak English fluently and brief the visitors about the popular attractions in the city as they visit each one.

Sightseeing by Bus

For tourists with a limited budget, excursions can be planned by bus. The Double Decker buses in Rome offer a day of enjoyment. The buses are fully equipped as well as comfortable. They drive through the city where they stop at the most popular destinations like the Coliseum, The forum, and Spanish steps etc.

Along with a comfortable journey, with this excursion, tourists get to know more about the city with commentaries being played in the bus. The commentary can be played in eight different languages which can be chosen by the tourist to be played on headphones. Watching the sights of Rome from a high vantage point gives you a clearer picture of the palaces, streets, and squares of this amazing city.

Pompeii and Naples Day Trip from Rome

Excursions that combine multiple destinations are often the best way of exploring Rome and its surrounding towns. As such, watching Naples’ royal art and Pompeii’s ruins gives a combination of both modern and Baroque Rome. The towns are a few hours’ drive away from Rome where tourists can enjoy a full day of reliving history and viewing ancient as well as modern architecture.

Naples is also home to many attractions like the Royal Palace, Piazza del Plebiscito and Castel dell’Ovo etc. Along the trip, tourists are entertained with tales of the Bourbon kings who ruled the city in the past. Pompeii’s ruins are listed by UNESCO as one of the oldest ruins which lay undiscovered for centuries.

Day Trip from Rome to Capri

A trip from Rome to the beautiful Island of Capri requires a full day and is the most desired by many tourists. This is because Capri is one of the finest attractions in Europe with the natural beauty of the island as well as the waters that surround it.

A train takes passengers from Rome to Naples and with a boat ride across the exotic Gulf of Naples; visitors finally reach  the Port of Capri. The port is full of shops and restaurants for tourists to savor great food at the coast on a terraced café.

On the island, the blue Grotto, which is a cave that reflects emeralds and blue colored water, is a rarity in the world.

These top excursions can give you the chance to see the sights of Rome, even if you have little time to spend within the city.

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