Best places to eat lunch in NYC for under $10

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New York City isn’t the cheapest place in the world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a great deal on things like food – it just means you’ll have to search harder.

We realize that you don’t have that kind of time though, so in the interests of being helpful, we have dug up four places where you can still eat lunch in NYC for under $10…

1) B&H

Looking for some authentic Jewish fare in one of North America’s most kosher cities? B&H in the East Village delivers on this point, as its matzo ball soup, omelets and other meals often come in under $10.

Eastern Europe dishes are also well represented on their menu, as borscht, pierogies and other favorites of this portion of the world will please your insides without emptying your wallet.

2) Sip Sak

Another group that consistently turns out high quality food for cheap in NYC are those that hail from the Middle East.

The team behind Sip Sak exemplifies this ideal, as it produces Turkish standards like Musakka, which rings in at a hard to believe $8.50, and Mezze, whose variety will have you lingering here far longer than you planned.

3) Great NY Noodle Town

One of the greatest Chinatowns in the world can be found in NYC, and with a long tradition of producing tasty dishes at a low price point, this part of the Big Apple is the perfect place to go for some cheap eats.

Great NY Noodle Town is one of this neighbourhood’s shining stars when it comes to value for money, as it has invested all its money into producing the best possible food it can muster in its spartan surroundings.

Freshly made noodles, slow roasted meat, and service continuing deep into the night are cornerstones upon which this business hinges, ensuring you’ll be able to eat for cheap during your stay in New York City.

4) Parm

Another cuisine that has defined New York in the eyes of the world has been Italian food, as its focus on fresh ingredients and passion for the art of cooking have produced some amazing restaurants in the Five Boroughs.

Parm may have grown to a regional chain in the present day, but it has done it on the back of quality meals at reasonable prices.

True to its name, one of the best known dishes that it serves is its famous Chicken Parmesan, but its sausage and peppers sandwich is almost as popular, with both going for only $9.

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