Best Pizza Places in Rome, Italy

Naples, the birthplace of the pizza, is quite rightly thought of as the best place to eat pizza in the world. That may be true, but the pizzerias on offer in the capital are quite special too. Here you have the lowdown on five of the best.
La Gatta Mangiona, Via F Ozanam, 30-32

This is probably the closest you will get to Neapolitan pizza in Rome. All the ingredients are of high quality and sourced from the local area, but the owner Giancarlo Casa turns them into a sauce that you would swear was from Napoli itself.

There is an excellent range on offer so there will be something for everyone – from a typical margherita to some exciting combinations of meat toppings.

La Gatta Mangiona has a similarly varied range of wines with over 200 to choose from!

La Fucina, Via Giuseppe Lunati, 25/3

Here you’ll find some focaccia-based pizzas – a slightly different approach but the risk certainly paid off! Even stranger may be some of the toppings you’ll find on offer with raw toppings proving very popular in the southern Roman neighbourhood.

And another nice touch is that the pizzas arrive at the table already sliced. It’s not too much effort on the part of La Fucina, but it makes it easier to share the various flavours with the rest of the group – or to save time and get stuck in if it’s all for yourself!

Sforno, Via Statilio Ottato, 110-116

The guys at Sforno seem to be big fans of cheese – but then so are most pizza lovers so everybody wins!

The Sforno pizzas have a think outer rim and cheesy, stringy centre to make for a tasty, Italian-style treat. There are plenty of different types of cheese, though, for you to choose from.

Tonda, Via Valle Corteno, 31

Tonda is found a little bit far from Rome’s centre, but it is worth the trip. With a thin base, the pizza is the way most Italians like it and it says a lot about the skill of the chefs that the thin base comes crispy, but not burnt.

Another big thing this place has going for it is the service, which is always family-friendly and the waiters and waitresses always have a smile, even when delivering your reasonably-priced bill.

Pizzarium, Via della Meloria, 43

Pizzarium has the most obvious pizzeria name from all the restaurants on this list. It isn’t, however, the most obvious pizzeria in the world. One of the menu’s highlights is its risotto suppli – little balls of rice wrapped around mozzarella and dipped in egg yolk and bread crumbs before being fried. Try them, you won’t be disappointed.

And although the suppli steals the show in a lot of people’s opinion, the pizza is still pretty incredible. While there are some well-known constants on the menu, the owners also like to experiment with some unusual toppings. Some of them are just odd, while some work perfectly!

And after a filling meal at one of Rome’s top pizza places, the first thing you’ll likely want to do is sit back and relax. Well, if staying in one of the comfortable apartments from, you’ll be able to do just that!

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