The Best 5 Activities in Kathu


Visiting Kathu is good for the mind, body and spirit. The lush jungle is a constant reminder that you’re in the middle of a tropical paradise, even when interacting with the multitude of other travelers and locals. Any visit to Kathu would be incomplete without including these top five activities for the seasoned traveler. From soaking up Vitamin D to adrenaline-pumping extreme sports to entering the king of the jungle’s domain, you can’t afford to miss a single one.

Catch Some Sun 

The beaches in Kathu are prized sunning locations, as they are less populated than many of the surrounding beaches. Spend a relaxing few hours, or days, soaking up vitamin D on the jungle-lined beaches. If you’re looking for the complete package, you can get a massage on the beach, order a few tropical drinks, or rent a cabana tent to organize a relaxation day for a whole group of friends. You will come away from the beach tanned, refreshed, and ready for the next adventure.

Bungee Jumping

Take a step off the ledge and plunge 50 meters into a jungle-surrounded lagoon. Feel the air whizzing past your body before you slingshot back up into the air. Bungee jumping will spike your adrenaline and what better place to make memories than in a tropical jungle. Couples can seal their bond with a scream doing a tandem jump while the truly adventurous can try a catapult jump.

Play with Tigers

What trip to Kathu would be complete without a stop at Tiger Kingdom? Not only can you see the king of the jungle, you can pet adult tigers, play with adolescent tigers, and even cuddle baby tigers while you’re feeding them. Talk about a memorable experience. Getting up-close-and-personal with these fearsome beasts is a can’t-miss experience for any Kathu vistor.

Sea Kayaking

What better way to take advantage of this tropical paradise than to hit the water, kayaking style? The rocky inlets of the local bay are filled with many wonders that you can experience on a kayaking tour. The daily low tide allows you access to a maze of mangrove swamp that has been untouched for centuries. As you float along, you’ll get a rare glimpse into the donut-shaped geological formations of Phang Nga Bay.

Wat Tours

In the areas around Kathu, you’ll find many Wats to explore. The Buddhist monks that live and care for these temples are a common sight for travelers that venture to visit the local Wats. Most are a short ride away from the many hotels in Kathu.

The contrast you’ll find between the unruly surrounding jungles and the peaceful organization of the Wats will make a lasting impression. The ornately carved statues, lovingly maintained stupas, and beautifully painted murals will make you want to stay in Kathu forever. Better yet, you’ll be surprised to find that many don’t charge an admission fee, like many of the larger Wats in Bangkok.

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