Best places to drink beer in Prague

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Looking to sample some of the best brews in the capital of the Czech Republic? This article will lead you to the best places to drink beer in Prague, so pull out the moleskine notebook (or load up Evernote … whichever way you roll) and prepare to take some notes before heading into the heart of beer nirvana…

1) Zly Casy

If you want to survey the Czech craft beer scene, the best place to start your Prague pub crawl is at Zly Casy. Here, you’ll find no less than 48 beers on tap from various microbreweries from around the country, as well as bottled beers from elsewhere in the world.

The regulars here are friendly, and they know their stuff, as they frequently go to craft beer festivals around the country together through bus trips organized by this bar. With long hours compared to other beer halls in Prague, be sure not to miss this place.

2) Letna Beer Garden

Once you have figured out where to stay in Prague, you’ll want to make your way out to the Letna Beer Garden. While it is the mirror image of Zly Casy in terms of the availability of brews (the sole beer on tap here is Gambrinus 10°, along with white and red wine for those that don’t enjoy suds.

The main reason to seek out this outdoor space is the stunning views of Letna Park across from its patio. If you plan on spending some time playing ultimate frisbee or football with the locals, Letna Beer Garden is a great place to unwind after the game.

Additionally, with a sausage stand right next to this venue, you’ll be able to kill your hunger in the way many city residents do when they’re looking for something quick on the cheap.

3) U Tri Ruzi

Located in the heart of the Old Town, U Tri Ruzi is a great place to duck into if you are looking for a quality pub that delivers for the prices they charge, which is something that can be a rarity in the centre of Prague.

Well known for their goulash, as well as their wide selection of beers that range from light pilsners to dark lagers that push 9% in strength, this is the perfect spot to have lunch while seeing the main sights in Prague.

4) Prague Beer Museum

With a name like the Prague Beer Museum, expectations are high. With knowledgeable staff that can match you up with the drink that’s right for you, and tester racks that give you a taste of 10 different beers (in smaller glasses, don’t be alarmed), they back up the reputation their name suggests with ease.

Just be sure to wear clothes that you won’t mind smelling like smoke afterward, as inside smoking is still legal in Prague, and the patrons here do so with glee.

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