Five Examples of Beautiful Accommodations around the World


Do think you have seen enough of the interesting things that the world has to offer? Think again! Here is some fun and luxurious accommodation that are being offered in various corners of the globe:

The Amara Kalaw, Inle Lake, Burma

The Inle Lake in Myanmar (formerly Burma) is where the breathtaking Amara Kalaw resort is located. This luxurious Burmese accommodation is actually made up of a couple tudor buildings – the first one built back in 1909 and the other one, a century later, in 2002. There is no television or air conditioner at the resort, but the well-maintained wooden floors keep it cool. Plus, the design of the house allows more natural light to come in. While the room doesn’t have the modern amenities of a world-class resort, it has a rustic old world charm that would give you an unforgettable holiday.

Cottages in the Cotswolds, UK

To get a feel of countryside living in the UK, rent a cottage in the breathtaking Cotswolds. Soothing and classy, Cotswold cottages like these are offered as the perfect recluse for travelers who wish to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city. Cotswold cottages are often made up of detached houses built using Cotswold stone, which are actually Jurassic lime-stones.

If a private garden is not enough for your family and friends to enjoy in, you can always stroll the around the area and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. Cotswold cottages in the UK are also located near farmers’ markets, making it even easier for you to enjoy your slow-paced vacation with some healthy traditional homemade meals.

Luxurious French Ski Chalets

If enjoying the snow and the slopes is your cup of tea, a visit at any of the luxurious ski chalets in France may be your perfect getaway. These accommodations are made up of huge, luxurious cabin homes that also offer most modern amenities, so you do not have to miss the perks of city living.

As the sun sets, you can simply laze under the blanket with your loved one or with your family sipping some hot chocolate in front of the fireplace. Then, in the morning, you can head on to ski the slopes and introduce the whole gang to a day filled with fun and adventure.

Tree House Glamping in Laos

How would you like to spend your luxury vacation on top of high trees? If experiencing the Swiss Family Robinson is your kind of vacation, you can try out tree house accommodations in Asia, such as the Gibbon Experience in Laos.

Here, you can simply fly your way from treehouse to treehouse via a zip line, or have the crew attend to your needs by zipping to your house as well. You can also ask your tour crew to arrange you with tours around the area in order to encounter wildlife.

Ice and Igloo Hotels in the Nordic Countries

If you ever decide to visit Scotland, Finland or any of the other Nordic countries, why not try staying in their famous ice and igloo hotels for a night? These accommodations offer such a unique experience, especially to those living in the tropical areas. Likewise, these accommodations let you experience how it is to be living in the coldest places on Earth.

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