Beat the Early Bird!


Have you noticed that flights these days are becoming increasingly earlier in the day? This is not good for us who aren’t the most sociable first thing!

Coffee always helps, but if you have to catch the night bus to get you to the airport in time for check in, you’re not going to be your most shiny and happy part way through the day! Don’t waste your holiday being grumpy and tired, it’s not worth it. To beat the early flight pain, because you will have to leave the house even earlier, I cut out the need to catch that night bus, or ridiculously early train, and drive myself to the airport instead.

I regularly use Gatwick Parking, because every coach to Gatwick Airport I have found leaves around 2am, and goes around every house you can imagine, before it arrives at the airport, an hour too early for check in. This adds to waiting, and I’m not the most patient of people! Driving myself means I don’t have to leave until I want to, and I can time my journey accordingly, stopping en route and taking my time packing up the car, without being rushed. It also means I’m not relying on anyone else, and the control is firmly in my hands.

You’ll find services for airport parking nationwide, and deals on offer regardless of where you fly from, both regionally and at the larger airports. ParkBCP offer fantastic rates and level of service, and I’ve booked this several times at different airports around England, so I can certainly vouch for this particular service.

You’ll more than likely save money by booking this way too. The cost of train fares has risen lately, and unless you book super early, and grab a deal, then you’ll probably be being a considerable amount, whilst also being ridiculously stressed out by the time you arrive. The same goes for coaches, which do tend to go the long way around, and are subject to baggage limits. Driving yourself cuts out all this, so it’s certainly worth thinking about. If you have kids, this is also a no brainer, because getting them settled in the car, perhaps with a DVD on, or comfortable enough to sleep for the duration of the journey, is much more preferable to trying to keep them occupied and calm on a busy train or coach.

Getting up early is bad enough, without adding further stress to the situation. The solution? It’s easy, just cut it out.

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