Experiencing the blissful beaches of Mozambique


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While many nations in Africa are often associated with rich cultures, dense jungle, and opportunities for safari tourism, beaches seldom enter the conversation. Considering the number of quality sites along the Indian Ocean coast of Mozambique, this is hard to believe.

Make this the year that you finally experience the blissful beaches of Mozambique, so you can enjoy paradise in relative seclusion before the rest of the world get wise to this hidden gem.

1) Tofo

Count yourself as a member of the backpacker brigades that descend upon Southern Africa in search of adventure at a cut rate each and every year? If so, take a break from the tougher aspects of travel in this part of the world by making a trip to Tofo, which is located in the more southerly portions of Mozambique’s frontage on the Indian Ocean.

Described as the next Goa by many travel journalists, this is a place where many weary travelers drop their rucksacks and let loose for a few days of chilled out partying. When celebrations are not actively making place, many recline on its wild, untamed sands, while those looking for a bit more action take to the water in search of the technicolor reefs that lie just offshore.

2) Wimbe (near Pemba)

Those looking for a unique mix of a vibrant local culture, authentic Portuguese colonial architecture, and flawless white sand beaches will find what they are looking for in Pemba. Spend the good weather days of your visit at Wimbe Beach, whose delicious white sands rivals any beach found in the Maldives.

Similar to Tofo, the snorkeling and diving here is outstanding, so those looking to get wet will not be disappointed. On your days away from the beach, the old town centre will provide you will many photo opps, and for those willing to confront the uglier aspects of Mozambique’s past history, the old slave trade fort at Ponta Romero will put you in the place of flesh and blood human beings that were sold as property only a couple hundred years ago.

3) Vilanculos

If you seek a full service tourist town with all the amenities to keep you and your crew comfortable, then setting your course for Vilanculos will be your best option in Mozambique. Here, budget hotels stand shoulder to shoulder with five star luxury resorts, and modern restaurants ply their trade within sight of local canteens that serve up authentic local food.

For those that love their water sports, Vilanculos will thrill you, as rental options for jetskis and other powered watercrafts are abundant for those that seek them.

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