Awesome travel destinations that will have you coming back for more

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There are more places to venture in this day and age than one can reasonably keep track. For all the new places that flood our collective consciousness everyday though, there are the awesome travel destinations that never fail to leave us wanting to come back as soon as possible.

If you are just getting started in your global wanderings, don’t neglect to check out these unmissable countries…

1) Thailand

Although this place is talked up so much in the media that many travelers are sick of the buzz, Thailand is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to replay value.

When you take some of the best beaches, food and people in the world, and stuff it inside a country slightly smaller than France, it’s hard not to pine after a place like this for some time after you have left it behind.

From the adventure sports mecca of Chiang Mai, to the party hearty island of Koh Phangan, there is plenty of excitement to go around, and if you want somewhere quiet, under-trafficked places like Issan and Koh Chang beckon.

2) Italy

Over in Europe, there is a country that the rest of the continent casts envious gazes towards. It enjoys picture perfect buildings, a cuisine that is considered by many to be tops in the world, and natural wonders that lovers swoon over … its name is Italy.

Being home to the ancient world’s mightiest empire has graced it with countless historic relics, its towns and cities boast culinary traditions that vary from one region or town to another, and its north has some of the most awesome peaks in the world, which contrasts nicely with its sublime seascapes.

Though your wallet will take a beating here, it is a shellacking that will hurt oh so good.

3) Mexico

With the vast majority of its territory baking under the sub-tropical or tropical sun, Mexico has long been a favored winter escape for snow weary Americans and Canadians.

There is more to this massive country than sand and cervezas though, as the cultural clash between the Spanish and the Amerindian incumbents have created one of the Western World’s entries into the pantheon of noteworthy global cuisines.

Tacos, quesadillas, pozole, enchiladas, mole and so much more delight the palate, the remnants of rising civilizations (subjugated by technologically advanced rivals from an unknown world across the Atlantic) spark wonder, and innumerable kilometres of coast on the Caribbean and Pacific sides hold more than enough beach hideaways to keep frostbitten refugees from the north happy.

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