Awesome things to see in Lithuania

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Heading to Eastern Europe sometime in 2016? Be sure to include Lithuania in your plans. Wondering what to do here? This article will help you fill out your itinerary with plenty of things to do…

1) Gate of Dawn

Considered by locals to be one of the most important cultural, historic and religious monuments in the entire country, the Gate of Dawn, located in the capital city of Vilnius, is one sight you cannot afford to miss during your trip to Lithuania.

Standing as one of the last city gates from when the others were built in the 16th century, the Gate of Dawn also contains religious relics that were said to help bless its inhabitants, and that helped defend the city from attack.

2) Museum of Genocide Victims

There is one point of interest that is a little less cheery than the others in Vilnius, as it deals with the oppression exacted upon the citizens of Lithuania dating from the time when the country was invaded and annexed by the Soviet Union in the 1940’s.

Until the early 1990’s, groups that were deemed a threat to the Socialistic Republic were disappeared, interrogated, and killed by the KGB. The Museum of Genocide Victims catalogues the atrocities from this era in Lithuania, but other exhibits also detail the activities that the Lithuanian Resistance undertook over the years, which testify to the spirit of the people that inhabit this Baltic nation.

3) Gediminas’ Tower

Constituting the last remaining intact piece of what used to be the Upper Castle of the Vilnius Castle Complex, Gediminas’ Tower is a treasured national symbol of both Vilnius and the country of Lithuania.

Appearing on the back of its currency, this structure is a point of pride for Lithuanians, as it is also a central theme of patriotic songs and poems. The museum within details the evolution of the Upper Castle site from the 14th century onwards, making it an interesting for those that are into history.

4) Curonian Spit National Park

While most of the awesome things to see in Lithuania are concentrated within Vilnius, there is a natural asset that is worth traveling out of this city to see.

Located along the eastern edge of the Baltic Sea, Curonian Spit National Park contains some of the highest sand dunes in all of Europe, and within its boundaries, some rare and threatened ecosystems can be found.

Access is limited for this reason, but from the portion that can be seen, you’ll gain an appreciation for the flora and fauna that call this windswept place home.

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