Awesome places to retire in Latin America


Looking at your meager retirement savings and think that you will have to keep working for the rest of your life? Take heart, as you can enjoy the same quality of life while spending a fraction of the money that you would spend at home.

Below, we will discuss awesome places to retire in Latin America that deliver adventure at a cost that is considerably cheaper than many places in the developed world…

Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

You may have not have heard of this place before, but with all the property for sale on Little Corn these days, it’s time you did.

This corner of the Caribbean has flown under the radar for generations, as the difficulty incurred in getting here has made this place a well-kept secret among expats and travellers in the know.

The power of the internet has blown the cover off this idyllic paradise though, opening a brief window of opportunity to get in, purchase property, and build a dream home in the Caribbean.

This location has its challenges, but for those with an adventurous spirit, there is no place that is more rewarding to live than on this tiny speck of sand and palm trees in the midst of the Caribbean Sea.

Panama City, Panama

Are you more of a city person? If so, relocating to Panama City is an option that you should definitely consider.

Over the past 20 years, It has come to resemble Miami, with condo towers and skyscrapers sprouting up out of the bedrock like mushrooms.

With a bumping nightlife, cheap food prices, and a government program attracting retirement age  foreigners with tax breaks and Permanent Residency status, it is an option that will resonate with people that crave the buzz of a major world city.

Cuenca, Ecuador

Those that are on more of a budget and/or prefer smaller urban centers will definitely want to include Cuenca, Ecuador in their retirement relocation plans.

Containing some of the cheapest real estate in Latin America, a city center boasting Spanish Colonial architecture, and an elevation and a latitude that ensures Spring-like weather year round, it is a highly popular choice among US expats.

Another point in its favor: Ecuador uses the US dollar as its currency, negating any concerns over exchange rates for citizens of the United States.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Want to be surrounded by colonial architecture without having to take a 12 + hour flight to South America?

For those willing to spend just a little bit more per month on living costs, basing yourself in San Miguel de Allende will achieve this goal handily.

Located just three hours west of Mexico City and  boasting a comfortable climate, retirees will love their surroundings, and with plenty of culture and nightlife available here, there will always be something to do after dark.

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