All You Need to Know About Driving in Spain

Spain is a country that does not stop giving when it comes to holidaymakers seeking out spectacular sights and sounds.

In order to see as much of this wonderful nation during your getaway, you should get yourself behind the wheel of a rental car. Specialist firm Economy Car Hire can even give you the keys to your very own set of wheels right from the airport, whether you arrive at Alicante, Malaga or any other major travel hubs in Spain.

However, make sure you bear these points in mind to ensure that your trip across Spain is a pursuit that is always carried out on the right side of the law:

The legal age for driving in Spain

You must be 18 years old with a full UK licence in order to drive in Spain. However, there are a few additional matters if you are renting a vehicle in the country.

As well as a valid driver’s licence, which must be recognised within the European Economic Community (EEC), there will be a few rental companies across the country which have set age restrictions on their services. These often range from 21 years old up to a maximum age of 70.

Spain’s drink-drive law

Spain follows the majority of Europe by setting its drink-drive limit at 50mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood in the body. This is except for people who have just passed their driving test, who must stay below 20mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood.

Anyone suspected of driving under the influence will either be subjected to a breath test or a saliva test – the former being for alcohol and the latter for drugs.

While it is within your rights to refuse either of these tests, doing so could see your vehicle being seized by the police. On top of this, you could be banned from driving for between one and four years and even face prison for a stint that ranges from six months to an entire year.

Use of a mobile phone while behind the wheel

As is the case across most of the world today, it is illegal in Spain to use a mobile phone while driving. It is important to take note that this law stretches to even when you are stationary at the side of a road – you can still be charged so long as you are in the driver’s seat.

Do not think that you are OK if you are using a hands-free device either. Unless the technology is truly hands-free – this being defined as a device that does not have a speaker that attaches to your ear – Spanish police will still determine that you are driving while using a mobile phone.

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