You’re passionate about travel, and when you’re sitting inside your cubicle, working away on some non-sensible task that your immediate supervisor foisted upon you, your mind drifts to it.  All the timeless ruins you could be exploring.  All the jaw-dropping beaches that you could be strolling.  All the hunger-inducing international meals you could be ingesting.

Then you glance at your calendar, and your booked vacation looms like a gleaming beacon on the horizon.  “YES!” you exclaim inside of your mind, savouring the time away from monotony that awaits.  You then realize that your default plans are about as inspiring as the TPS report that you’re grinding your way through.

Time for a change in travel plans.  But where to turn?  Turn to us.

Here at Travel and Tourism Guide, we have destination guides available for countless countries and cities across the globe, ready to fill your head with countless new ideas for a potentially perspective-changing trip.  From Ireland to Italy, Bangkok to Dubai, our posts are filled with amazing things to see and do.

We also cover issues and subjects concerning the travelling public.  Hauling out your old trusty suitcase, only to find that the zipper is starting to split apart?  We’ve got all the bases covered on what to look for when it’s time to replace your luggage.  Looking to hack your way into a great deal on airport parking?  We’ve got the answer.  Just can’t sleep on that long-distance coach bus to that massive Asian megacity?  Follow our advice, and you’ll be in dreamland in no time flat.  Looking at your monthly budget and you can’t seem to shoehorn enough money out of it to take an exciting vacation overseas?  We know you can, and we’ll show you how to do it!

Finally, thinking of switching careers from your nameless, faceless corporate existence for life in the travel industry, or as a wandering digital nomad?  Our series of interviews on wandering bloggers will reveal the motivations and methods behind this new class of travelling freelancers/entrepreneurs.

Have an idea you want us to write about, or just feel like saying hello?  Click through to our contact page and drop us a message, or contact us on our Facebook or Twitter page.

In the meantime, keep on travelling and keep discovering!