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Planning a trip to York? Here are 5 things to do on your day trip.

York is one of the most historical political cities in all of England. The city was founded in 71 AD and has seen such figures as Constantine, King Edwin, Oswald, Charlemagne, Archbishop Thomas, and King James I. Yet, the town is not all historical sites and politics. The North Eastern Railway as well as the University of York are major attractions for the city as well. Deciding what to see and what to do in such a large city needs a bit of help. Here are 5 locations worth spending your time at during your day trip to York as rated by the North of England biggest rail company northern rail.

Number One: York City Walls

As York is a city surrounded by walls, it would go without saying that one of the major attractions are tours oriented at inspecting the walls. True, a great deal of the historical wall is no longer present (as gaps and deterioration are a factor), but the tours which focus on the historical areas are worth seeing.

The original walls were built in 71AD by the Romans and were but wood. The walls were buried with the Viking invasions and new walls were erected. In the 1800s the walls were given protection. These preserved sectors of the wall are a very nice way to get a view of the city while also experiencing a bit of the history of York. Tours average 2 miles or more of walking. Depending on the tour you choose you may see more towers than wall or vice versa. Ensure that you find a tour that focuses on the historical wall and not just a tour that focuses on the wall and the views (as you may find that such tours have very little historical value and more of an atheistic draw).

Number Two: National Railway Museum

The National Railway Museum is a great way for a family to experience some of the non-Viking/political part of the city. The museum has over 300 locomotives and rolling stock including engines from the Royal trains of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. The National Railway Museum is considered to be the world authority on railway history and preservation.

Apart from the history within the museum in physical locomotives, the collection boasts that they have so many artifacts that it would take a person 240 years to digitize. If you want to get away from the many Viking tourist attractions or political historical sites, then this is the place to visit on your day trip to York.

Number Three: York Maze

If you are looking for some outdoor fun that does not fall into museums and “traditional” touring, then consider going to the York Maze. The mazes are perfect for couples wanting to get out and spend some time together or for families. The construction consists of over 1 million maize plants covering an area of “over 8 Webley football pitches”.

There are four mazes which are offered and several attractions. The largest of the mazes is called Giant Maize maze and features a new theme ever year. To see this year’s theme, visit their website. Other mazes include the Maze of Illusions, Mineshaft Maze (which is wood constructed), and the Finger Fortune Maze.

Number Four: Goddard Garden

The Goddard gardens are named after Noel Goddard Terry who founded the famous chocolate making firm in York and lays on 4 acres of gardens. The garden includes:

  • Garden rooms
  • Bowling green
  • Wilderness gardens

The house of the gardens is used for the National Trust of Yorkshire. Tours of the gardens may include the gardens, or you may want to have a dining experience in the Terry family ding room, afternoon tea in the drawing room, or enjoy a snack on the Lavender terrace.

Number Five: York Minister

Perhaps one of the most popular of the attractions of York is York Minister. York minister is about 800 years old and remains the place of worship for both the public and for public figures. For those that love the gothic architecture of historical cathedrals, you will not find another which compares to it.

The York Minister is open to the public daily from 7am to 6:30pm for services with various times for sightseeing (9am to 5:30pm) , closures, and undercroft. York Minister also hosts a variety of events throughout the year such as the York Minster Mystery Plays and The singing Bowl.

Historic or Modern York offers a great day trip

Whether you are looking for a historic day or a day of activity, York has plenty of options. A day trip to  York will cost about £25 per attraction per person. Children are typically allowed admittance to exhibits for a lower cost of about £5 – £10.

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