A Day Away From The Beaches On Lanzarote


Lanzarote is a well-noted destination for many sun starved folk seeking a natural dose of Vitamin D, and by those look to carve up the picture perfect swells that break just off its shores.  While the first few days of allowing the rays to melt away the figurative frost away from your soul, and many initial successful rides getting your surfing adventures off to a roaring start, your Lanzarote holidays would be a static and boring one overall if you did this each day, every day for two weeks.

Unless you are easily amused, taking some time off from the beach to explore the other features that make this speck of island in the mid-Atlantic a noteworthy place is highly advised.  So that you might have a great deal of diversity when you book your next trip here via Direct holidays, there are a few tips to make a day way from the beaches in Lanzarote a very stimulating one.

1) Jameos del Agua

Those who are tiring of the beach, but are still looking to relax in a choice setting should spend a day at Jameos del Agua, which is a collapsed lava tube that has been exposed to the outdoors.  Where there once was a ceiling now is open sky, leading developers to build a bar and pool in the exposed portion, along with a restaurant and performance venue filling the portion of the tube that is still intact. This place is truly beautiful on clear hot day, of which there are many in Lanzarote!

2) Whales and Dolphins Museum

With many whales and dolphins living and migrating in the waters off Lanzarote, there has been a lot of contact between humans and these species over the years. No live specimens are kept here, but interpretative displays, including a giant whale skeleton, tell the story of these highly intelligent species in such a way that it will give you a new found respect for their place in the oceans and the world at large.

3) Jardin de Cactus

With Lanzarote possessing a very arid climate, many cacti call the slopes of this island home.  As a consequence of this, it shouldn’t be terribly surprising that this place contains a very well-regarded botanical garden dedicated to this plant species, which is called Jardin de Cactus. Built in a former quarry and headlined by an eight metre tall metal cactus statue, this park has cacti not just from Lanzarote, but from the Americas and Madagascar as well!

Work some Variety into your Holiday

Swimming and surfing on Lanzarote can be a grand existence, but doing it every day can make it less special, while limiting your overall potential on a trip. By taking time away from the beach to sample some of Lanzarote’s other attractions, your Lanzarote holidays will be much more special overall!

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