8 Ways To Plan A Stress-Free Family Holiday

family holiday

Your family holiday should be the highlight of your year. It’s your chance to connect with the people you love most, take time out of your everyday routine, and make memories in a beautiful new location. Unfortunately, the planning process can get stressful for some. When you’re busy with work and raising kids, it’s easy to put off the planning and then panic at the last minute, which can then throw the whole experience off. Avoid a holiday stress-out with these 8 simple summer holiday tips.

  1. Get the accommodation right. Once you’ve found the perfect accommodation for your holiday, everything else should fall neatly into place. Hotel rooms can be cramped and overpriced when you’re bringing kids along on holiday with you, but there are better alternatives. Check out beachfront bali villas seminyak if you want a spacious, family-friendly space to stay and play that won’t break your budget.
  2. Give yourself time. The longer you leave your holiday planning, the more stressful and potentially expensive the process will become. Start making bookings well in advance so that you can score the best deals and get everything organised with time to spare.
  3. Do plenty of research. Under researching can lead to disaster when it comes to family getaways. Make sure you read up on the climate of your destination, the activities that are available in the area, and whether any special events or festivals are coming up that could make the region busier than usual. Go into it prepared so that you’re far less likely to encounter a crisis.
  4. Compare flights. Flight comparison website are an invaluable tool for families on a budget. The prices can vary drastically depending on the day you travel and even the time you fly, so make use of online comparison calculators to ensure that you get the best possible deal.
  5.  Read the hotel reviews. If you’re booking a room in a hotel that you’ve never stayed in before, take the time to read plenty of reviews before you make a booking. You’ll want to get a balanced and objective perspective on your destination before you make any decisions, and other families will be the best critics to help you make your choice.
  6. Make an itinerary. If you want everything to go smoothly once you arrive, plan your itinerary ahead of time. Make a list of your must-visit spots in the area and draw up a schedule for the time that you’re away. Leave a reasonable amount of time in each day for resting and relaxing – sightseeing can drain your energy.
  7. Book guided tours. Roaming around a foreign city can be tricky, especially if you have kids. If you want to take some of the pressure off the parents, book the family onto guided tours so you can see the sights without worrying about reading maps.
  8. Put together a holiday planning folder. There tends to be a fair amount of paperwork involved in travelling, so get a file or folder where you can store everything you need for the holiday. Make sure that all of the passports, tickets, and booking receipts are tucked away in your folder in the weeks leading up to your holiday, and double-check that everything’s there before you head off.



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