5 Unique Outdoor Activities to Fill Your Time in Iceland

Iceland has been dubbed one of the top destinations around the world by outdoor-loving travellers. As soon as you do a quick Google search on this Nordic European island, you’ll understand why. 

Iceland offers tons of travel opportunities, especially if you’re hoping for fresh air and blue skies. Check out these 5 unique outdoor activities to keep you busy during a trip to Iceland. 


You might see a visit to Jökulsárlón as bittersweet; this picturesque lagoon is made entirely from glacial melt from climate change. The beauty of this 11 square kilometer lagoon can be entirely attributed to the rapidly melting glaciers that started in the 1970’s. 

Jökulsárlón has been featured in several big Hollywood films including “Die Another Day” and “Batman Begins”. If you come here right before sunset you’ll get an amazing view of the Northern Lights. Photographers from all over the world come to Jökulsárlón to capture a stunning shot of the Aurora Borealis heavenly lights in action. 


You won’t ever see a waterfall quite like Svartifoss. It might not be all that impressive in size, but there is no doubt that Svartifoss will take your breath away. The falls cascade down jetblack cliffs that were created by flowing lava from Skaftafell National Park. The reaction of the smoldering lava with the cool Icelandic air over the years is responsible for the unique Svartifoss landscape. 


Grjótagjá is yet another unique outdoor beauty created by volcanic lava flows, but it is completely unlike Svartifoss. This stunning cave pool is heated by the ongoing volcanic activity deep under the Earth’s service. The waters of Grjótagjá have served as a bathing spot for locals since it was discovered. The naturally heated water is a nice break from the Iceland’s notorious cold weather. 

Blue Lagoon

There is no shortage of stunning lagoons and lakes throughout Iceland; Blue Lagoon is no exception. Not only is taking a dip in this geothermal hot spring refreshing, it is also extremely healing. Some people consider the waters of Blue Lagoon to be medicinal. 

It is rich in salt, sulphur, and blue-green algae that can benefit the skin in tons of ways. It has even been named one of the top unique “spa” experiences in the world. You can easily rent a car in Reykjavik and drive less than one hour to enjoy an interesting outdoor spa experience.  

Kerid Crater Lake

Even if you’ve seen a crater lake before, chances are you haven’t seen one quite like Kerid Crater Lake. The almost-neon blue waters are striking against the surrounding red volcanic rock. It is one of the most unique crater lakes in the world since it wasn’t actually formed from a volcanic explosion. 

Nobody knows for sure, but it is thought that the ground simply depleted and the lake formed from there. When you visit Kerid you can see for yourself to make your own assumptions on how it was formed. What is for certain that the lush green, bright red, and striking blue colors are nothing short of unearthly.  



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