5 Lesser Known Attractions in Orlando, Florida


When people think about Orlando, Florida, their minds typically shift to major theme parks like Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World.  Being a tourist mecca for many decades now though, Orlando has now grown beyond these major parks, developing an entire eco-system of highlights designed to draw the interest of any traveler, no matter where their interests may lie.

Don’t get stuck in the rut of only patronizing the major amusement parks.  So that you may have a more balanced trip when in Central Florida, here are five more attractions well worth your consideration when visiting the city of Orlando on vacation.

1) Gatorland

Ever wanted to see an alligator or a crocodile up close, but you don’t want to get, you know … eaten?  The perfect solution to this quandary is to pay a visit to Gatorland, a small wildlife theme park that takes care of and safely showcases thousands of alligators and crocodiles (including four albino alligators), along with a variety of birds in its free flight aviary.  Take in a night time tour of the breeding marsh, tempt fate on a zip line that passes over the main lagoon, or learn how to tame and care for these beasts by signing up for the “trainer for a day” experience!

2) Wet ‘N Wild

Outside of the warm but temperate winter months, the Orlando area experiences oppressively hot and humid weather for much of the year.  If the mugginess of this climate is getting too much for you to bear, then a day at Wet N’ Wild may be what the doctor ordered.  This well kitted out water park contains many rides and slides that cater to your desire to both cool off and placate your need for adrenaline.  By taking on attractions such as the Bomb Bay, which drops you through a trap door and down a nearly vertical slide, or the Surge, a group adventure that drop five storeys through a series of rapids, dips, and banked turns, you’ll have a day that relieves your heat weariness, while delivering adventure at the same time.

3) Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art

Those seeking a little bit of culture in O-Town can find it at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art, where an impressive display of Americana can be found.  The works of Louis Tiffany are the centrepiece attraction in one of the foremost platforms for the fine arts in Central Florida, which also includes many paintings, pottery items, jewelry and antique furniture created by various renowned American artists.

4) Florida EcoSafaris at Forever Florida

This attraction offers many fun ways to experience Florida’s wilderness and its animal inhabitants, but it isn’t like most other parks in the Orlando area.  You need to make reservations before showing up, but once you do, you’ll get to get up close and personal with many wildlife species that are endemic to Central Florida, such as black bears, alligators, and even the rare Florida Panther.  You can explore this park via safari vehicle, horseback, or via a zipline roller-coaster, the first of its kind in the United States.

5) The Orlando Magic

If you’re a fan of the NBA, this might not qualify as a lesser known attraction, but for those unfamiliar with America and the best basketball league in the world, it offers a perfect opportunity to experience a popular American sport at an elite level of competition. Cheer them on as some of the best athletes in the world aim to bring glory, respect and victory to the city of Orlando!

While Orlando is home to some of the best known theme parks in the world, there is more to this city than just those attractions.  If you are willing to spend a little more time in this dynamic city than most visitors, this guide will help you fill in those days with activities and excitement that will make your trip here well worth your time.  You may also wish to look into an Orlando Flexticket if you’d like further inspiration, ideas and deals on attractions that may interest you during your stay.  

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