5 Great Places to Eat in Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany is a fascinating place filled with history, culture and great dining options! Without taking any more of your time, let us suggest five 5 great places to eat in Berlin. Luckily, this is one of those cities where we can truly say “there is something for everyone!”


Although this is arguably Berlin’s best burger place, it might surprise you to learn that it’s found in the hollowed-out remains of what used to be a public toilet.

This is a great place to grab a quick and filling meal, but be warned that it can get pretty busy. Even if you have to take away and sit in the street outside, the delicious homemade burgers make it worth it! Chances are you may become addicted to Burgermeister, you’ve been warned!

Monsieur Vuong

The Vietnamese restaurant is a favourite with local and tourists alike. With an apartment in Alexanderplatz in the centre of the city, you’ll be minutes away from a taste of the exotic. The flavours of the spices here will certainly leave you desperate to come back to Monsieur Vuong a second time.

The menu changes every two days – yes, every two days! – meaning there’ll always be something new to try. Very popular among the young and artsy students, this place merits all the hype.


Dine with a view! The views from the top of Panoramapunkt are simply breathtaking and having lunch in the café at the top is a must while in Berlin. You’ll get breathtaking view of Berlin’s famous landmarks and the coffee and cake isn’t bad either!

White Trash Fast Food

This is the place to go for great Entertainment with your great food. Live bands play at the venue almost every night of the week and it makes for the excellent vibrant setting to enjoy a meal and meet some cool new people.

Wally, the creative Tennessee chef loves to try some exotic new recipes as well as preparing the regulars’ favourite burgers. It’s worth visiting, if even just for the BBQ sauce!


A great place for a quick and cheap lunch. The lunchtime buffet deal is always good, while the place can sometimes be quiet in the evening, given its almost hidden location. For those lucky enough to find it, you’ll enjoy an affordable and peaceful meal.

As you can see by this short but varied list, lots of great dining options are available in Berlin. In fact not only are there countless great places to eat but also countless great nightclubs as well. It’s no wonder Berlin is one of the most popular cities in all of Europe and attracts all types making it a crazy cosmopolitan city. We don’t have a top pick but suggest you take these as a starting point and go explore!


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  1. Malin Lundberg Mueller November 5, 2012 at 4:23 am #

    Love Monsieur Vuong, it is a favourite on my guide as well, their starters are to die for ! Burgermeister sounds cool, will check it out next time in Berlin.

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