5 Good Reasons to See Alaska on a Cruise

Alaska is the largest of America’s states by area, and yet the least densely populated. Alaska is rich in natural resources, supporting a strong fishing industry. It lies in the both the oceanic and subarctic climate regions, with a huge range in temperatures. In the north, expect long, cold winters with temperatures well below freezing (the lowest recorded temperature hitting -62°C), peaking at only 1°C during the summer. In the south-east, expect milder days, reaching into the 30s during summer, so it pays to pack for a variety of temperatures.

Stunning Scenery

The Alaskan coastline is longer than all other U.S. states combined. Stretching 10,690km from north to south, this geography is perfect to explore by cruise. Ketchikan is a wonderful stop, and known as the salmon capital of the world. This seaside city thrives on its abundant fishing trade, as well as tourism. Visit Skagaway, hidden in a glacial valley, for aquamarine waters, surrounded by snow-topped mountains, breathtaking waterfalls and glaciers. Sikta, another beautiful seaside community, boasts humpback whales, brown bears, otters, bald eagles, and the incredibly rare black tail deer. Walking, hiking and bike riding are the locally preferred ways of enjoying the scenery, so expect to sleep well after a day of exploring! Finish your cruise at the Hubbard Glacier, which spans from eastern Alaska into Canadian waters.

Intriguing Past

Indigenous peoples have occupied Alaska for thousands of years. Pockets of these cultures still exist in West and Southwest Alaska, including the Aleutian Islands and Little Diomede Island. These seafaring cultures have survived despite being displaced first by Russian settlers. Juneau is a worthwhile stop, rich in native culture. The Tlingit Indians (known as the Auke and Taku tribes) boast traditions in carving, weaving and singing. Later, Juneau was first settled as a mining town, amidst a gold rush. More recently, Alaska was purchased from Russia by the United States in 1867, and became the U.S’s 49th state in 1959.


If you enjoy a spot of shopping, Alaska is the place to do it. There is no sales tax in Alaska, though regulations and levies vary widely across the state, so ask the cruise staff for the best shopping spots. Expect to see lots of Americans crossing the border to purchase their luxury items, with jewellery being particularly popular. With rich natural resources including gold and diamonds, you can find some great deals for that special someone. Buyers beware however: do your research; compare prices and quality before parting with your cash. There are some good deals going but also some dodgy ones.

Alaska has so much beauty to see and culture to offer. For those who enjoy a spot of shopping, there are some tax-free bargains to be had. With its incredibly diverse coastline, Alaska is best toured by cruise. Visit Cruiseabout online to compare the range of Alaskan cruises available, at the best prices.

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