5 Fun Indoor Activities in Paris, France

It’s getting colder, wetter and darker in Paris as we get deeper and deeper into the heart of winter. But with the Christmas Lights all lit and with the winter markets open, this is still a great time to visit the city and see Paris under a whole new light.

Once here you might, however, want to spend a little more time indoors than out so here you have a guide to some of the best things to do indoors in the French capital. There are plenty of things to do in Paris both indoors and outside.

The Louvre and other museums

The Louvre museum is one of Paris’ star attractions and rightly so. Besides the Mona Lisa, it boasts a great range of top artwork so is definitely worth a visit. In the middle of summer, however, you may be reluctant to spend a sunny Paris day inside the museum, so in winter you have no excuse!

Be prepared to spend some time outside before getting in, though, as the queues are always long and could be longer on a rainy day if everybody else has the same idea. If too busy you can always head to some of the city’s other museums to warm up. Try the free Carnavalet Museum or the Musée d’Orsay.

If it’s too wet to go out then head to the cinema where you’ll quickly forget the rain. There are always some great French movies on if you fancy practicing your française. If looking for the English version you’ll be in luck too as there are a lot of cinemas in the capital which show movies in the original English version.

To find these films in the original English just look out for the “V.O“ next to the information in the listings. You’ll be surprised how many cinemas show the latest movies in English!
Coffee in a Café

If the winter cold is too much then head for your nearest café for a warm beverage – there is bound to be one close by!

The French love to pass a couple of hours with a good coffee and a pastry so why not join them and enjoy a session of people watching from the comfort of a good seat?
Cruise the Seine

If it’s wet outside that doesn’t mean you can’t still go see the sights. By taking a Seine river cruise you’ll be out of the rain inside the boat, but will still be able to see the main attractions of the city as you cruise by them. Most cruises also offer a meal option on your cruise so enjoy the postcard-perfect views of Paris through the windows as you wine and dine!

Then after your cruise and meal you can head back to your comfortable apartment from All-Paris-Apartments.com to relax. And with their range of apartments in all areas of the city, you won’t have too far to go in the winter cold from one of the many points at which the Seine cruises typically stop.

The Catacombs

This one might not exactly be indoors, rather underground. Still, it will keep you out of the winter weather and is a fascinating way to spend an afternoon. The Catacombs of Paris are basically a huge underground cemetery which holds the remains of around 6 million people.

The Catacombs are now a big tourist attraction and you can see around this chilling underground grave. The grave came about after Paris’ cemeteries became overcrowded and the practice of burying the dead below churches became more common. In almost every street around Paris’ city centre you will be above a part of the graveyard and for this reason it hasn’t been possible to put in deep foundations, hence why you won’t find many tall buildings in Paris.

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